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Title: Kenneth O. Weaver pottery
Author: Kevin Mills
Votes: 20

Views: 377
Description: Kenneth O. Weaver worked for the United States Quarry Tile Co. in Canton, Ohio from the mid 1920's until his retirement in 1964. From 1929 until 1943 Mr. Weaver, on his lunch breaks, before & after work, and on weekends, made pottery as gifts for family, friends, and co-workers. He never sold a single piece of his pottery. Mr. Weaver, despite only having a high school education and no background in chemistry, formulated his own flambe glazes which he applied to his custom made vases, bowls, candlestick holders, etc. In 2010 James L. Murphy published the only known reference material on this pottery entitled KOW: The Ceramic Art of Kenneth O. Weaver. At the time of this publication, in 2010, only 33 pieces of "K.O.W" pottery we're positively identified or known to exist. Since then more pieces have come to light including 13 in my own personal collection. This photograph, which I set up and shot myself, depicts 5 pieces from my private collection.

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